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40x60cm | 16x24”

Sides painted black.

Ships from Ecuador - may take a couple of weeks to arrive to the US

My portraits always reflect my life journey. And in this season of my life I’ve found peace and happiness in self reflection.

This portrait comes from the sense of that strength and calmness

I started painting big eyed girls with flowers on their heads in 2017, a specially hard and testing year in my life. My heart was broken, my spirit crushed, my self esteem destroyed.

During that year I started changing the proportions of my drawings of women... now I see it as a reflection of what I was going through. I also started pilling up flowers on their heads, I felt I was expected to carry all the weight of my problems gracefully, quietly... like a ton of flowers that look so pretty but were so heavy they hurt...

Six years later Im in a totally different place; happy and learning to love and value myself again. The faces I paint have somehow changed to reflect that happiness, and the flowers are still there... not heavy anymore, but symbols of hope and joy. Symbols of brighter happier days!


$350,00 Regular Price
$175,00Sale Price
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