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I´m a self taught artist, I have painted and created all of my life, I honestly can't remember a time in my life were I didn't! 


I had my first solo art show in 2004 and I've been pursuing art solely and formally since 2017; since then I've come to terms about being self taught, and I feel proud and happy with my progress and with the quality of my work.

I paint because creating is where I'm most true to myself. It is a great expression of self love where I lose my fears and I create from a place of calmness and self awareness. 


If you want a more intimate look into my life and my creative process please visit my Instagram profile where you'll find my most recent work, and a diary of my artistic journey

Thank you so much for visiting my page today! If you have any questions send me a message I'll be happy to answer them

My art has always been a reflection of who I am and what I´m feeling. Looking at my past work you can learn more about me: these are my past collections and some samples of the work I created back in 2012. All of the pieces displayed in this page have left my studio and are now in their forever homes; but, if there is something you love contact me and I can work out a special commission for you.

If you landed here you'll notice that my style has evolved through the years; as a creative mind I'm forever exploring and as I grow and change my art grows and changes with me.

If you want to see what I'm up to today please visit my instagram page; it is literally a diary of my art journey!


This small collection of globes marks a special moment in my art career. They symbolize so much and they served as a tool for me to find a lot of things about myself and learn to celebrate my own uniqueness and be proud and accept my own path.


The past couple of years I've been exploring altering proportions and creating representational portraits. My portraits explore emotions, depth and color.


A big part of developing my style came from working in small continuous series, in which sometimes I even painted a piece a day! Here you can find examples of those collections like my Zodiac series and my 30 in 30 collection (women portraits with floral elements; one created per day on 30 continuos days)


This is a sampling from the collection of portraits I created between 2013 and 2015. Most of my work was distinguished by the lack of facial features. When I started creating this series I saw it as a way to connect to other women with different lifestyles and stories; then what they looked like didn't really matter. It was more important to reflect on what they lived.


The first thing I painted on canvas were flowers! I think I was about 15 years old, I really loved it and often times I experimented with collage and very large formats. I think flowers will always be present in my work. Nowadays I experiment with abstract florals, they are the most difficult to me but I love making them and I get many collectors ask for commissioned pieces in this style.

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