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Each beautiful gift box includes a Life/Love Tree Painting and a beautiful necklace. The paintings are acrylic on canvas 6"x8", sides painted black and with certificate of authenticity


There will be slight variations from the paintings in the pictures to the one you get because all are originals and hand painted one by one. Each painting is carefully matched to the color of necklace of your choice


Para pedidos en Ecuador por favor contactarse ya que el valor disminuye y el envio no tiene costo.


Shipping outside of Ecuador can take up to three weeks 


I've always loved graphic representations of trees. I don’t know if I drew them as a kid, but I can remember trying to paint my version of a tree since I was a teenager. Every now and then I’ve tried portraying one; but my trees were usually that one off painting I created and that was it. I do think for the past 5 years I have tried to create at least one painting of a tree per year... A couple of months back I decided I would sketch 100 trees to see if in that repetition I could come up with a tree I loved to paint… and I did… I started playing with hearts and in that play emerged my version of a tree. 




Embrace Print Gift Box

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