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Acrylic on canvas with gold leaf. 60x40 cm Aprox. 24x16"


ships in a box, sides painted black
Artwork IS NOT framed, mock ups for reference and styling suggestions only

Bright Places

$300,00 Regular Price
$150,00Sale Price
Color: White
  • "There are bright places even in dark times"

    That´s the hidden affirmation in this intention landscape.

    When 2022 started I created 30 tiny little landscapes with special words on them. This words were intentions, set to carry out through the year. With these larger landscapes I´m again using the idea of putting powerful words in these pieces to carry our intention,but this time using complete phrases. These phrases are mostly hidden, but if you look closer you can see a trace of the letters here or there. Just another way I want to use to create meaningful art that reminds you of your opowwer and wonderful life.