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Room with original artwork depicting a woman or goddess


pieces that tell your story 

“Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist.”

– René Magritte


Goddesses in

This series that represents all the things that make us stronger; beautiful things I can see in other women and in myself as well that allow us to ground and live in calmness.

A starting point has been using the 7 feminine archetypes as an umbrella under which to portray all women in the world. Women who know themselves well and love themselves not only in their light, but in the understanding of their shadow side as well.

Every Woman

original painting of a Goddess representing the Mystic Feminine Archetype

Intention Landscapes

A series born in that unique moment when the world paused, a gentle space that gave me time to appreciate and let life be.


These new landscapes are the result of my personal experience being quarantined in the countryside. A time when I truly had the space to feel deeply: deep sorrow, deep solitude, deep fear, deep loss; but above all deep happiness and deep appreciation. Appreciation for the simple joys, for finding happiness in the everyday moments and the simplicity of things that are seen with new eyes. 


This is a series of floral portraits that depict the beauty of allowing ourselves to be present in each moment and find joy every day.


To me, they are a way to celebrate personal growth, by pausing to savor and enjoy the times when we notice how much we have gained from our life experiences and how beautiful that growth is.

Bloom Series

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