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Each mini heart tree is acrylic on canvas 6x6"  15x15 cm. All four sold as a set.  Each one represents a season: winter, spring, summer and fall. 


Sides painted black, can take up to 3 weeks for delivery, ships from Ecuador. 




I've always loved graphic representations of trees. I don’t know if I drew them as a kid, but I can remember trying to paint my version of a tree since I was a teenager. Every now and then I’ve tried portraying one; but my trees were usually that one off painting I created and that was it. I do think for the past 5 years I have tried to create at least one painting of a tree per year... A couple of months back I decided I would sketch 100 trees to see if in that repetition I could come up with a tree I loved to paint… and I did… I started playing with hearts and in that play emerged my version of a tree. 




Seasons Mini Tree Set

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