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Vintage cassette tapes on canvas. 60x40 cm Aprox. 24x16"


Ships in a box
Artwork IS NOT framed, mock ups for reference and styling suggestions only

Memories 73 to 75

  • Lines, music, vibration…. It all makes sense to me! This particular piece I decided to call memories from 73 to 75 because it includes a mixed tape from my dad that had a hand written label that said “music from 73 to 75” and that just mean a lot to me!

    A creative whim! As a child of the 80’s and a 90’s teen, I have a special attachment to cassette tapes and everything they meant!

    I fondly remember spending hours glued to the radio with a blank cassette ready to tape my favorite songs, and create the best mix tape ever!!! So when I saw a cassette it made me all excited and sparkled creativity in me!

    My adult interest in lines, color and composition drove me to the conclusion that creating something with a bunch of cassette tapes was the most logical thing to do; and so I present my newest art concept! I’m playing with this new media and I’m going to create all these pieces under a series that I’ve decided to title “Now &