This is a series of floral portraits, that depict the beauty of allowing ourselves to be present in each moment and find joy every day.


To me, they are a way to celebrate personal growth, by pausing to savor and enjoy the times when we notice how much we have gained from our life experiences and how beautiful that growth is.




This is a unique body of work that is coming to existance after my personal battle against anxiety, lack of self-love and fear. It´s a collection that honors the Goddess within and celebrates our ability to simply CHOOSE to be happy.

Mediation, affirmations and mantras still help me reprogram my brain towards love and strength instead of fear; so I decided to create work that will serve as a reminder of positive thoughts. Powerful symbols of encouragement that will remind me that all I need to do is adjust my perspective to be in control. All of  this pieces have powerful positive writing on their backgrounds.

Love over fear.



On 2019 I focused on creating a collection of expressionist portraits inspired on the need to better ourselves and on the idea that we are responsible dor the world we see. We can choose the perspective through which we see and build our life. A perspective of love or a perspective of fear.

These series feature a lot of metal leaf because I believe the reflectiveness of the material supports the idea of changing your perspective to see something in a different light.

A couple of these pieces are still available, if they are you will be able to click the image and follow it to the shopping site.

© 2019 By Paula Callejas