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I paint because creating is were I'm most true to myself. It is a great expression of self love where I loose my fears and I create from a place of calm.  Painting lets me dream, be still and escape. 


I decided to share my work because my greatest dream is that someone will find it beautiful; and that in this beauty they'll find  the same sense of calmness and endless possibility I had when I created it; that another human can connect with my own reflections of life, love and our incredible power of choosing how we view life. 


Maybe my art will be a reminder for you of what is a priority in your life, of you uniqueness and own bravery, if my art can convey the positive feelings I had when I created it then my dreams come true!


If you want a more intimate look into my life and my creative process please visit my instagram profile where you'll find my most recent work, and a diary of my artistic journey

Thank you so much for visiting my page today! If you have any questions send me a message I'll be happy to answer them.

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Hi! Thank you for visiting my page!

It has always been hard for me to write about who I am and why I create; but since you are doing me the honor of gifting me some of your time to learn about me, I'll do my best in opening up and sharing my life as an artist


I am Ecuadorian and I was born and raised in Quito. I have painted and created all of my life, I honestly can't remember a period in my life were I didn't! For whatever reasons when I graduated high school and it was time to chose a career I didn't go to art school, and today (about twenty years later) I feel I was guided by life into my real passion which is creating.


I had my first solo art show in 2004 and I've been pursuing art solely and formally since 2017; since then I've come to terms about being self taught, and I feel proud and happy with my progress and with the quality of my work.


Did I leave something out? send me a message I'll be very happy to answer your questions: